Purpose & Mission

Becoming Her purpose is to help young girls discover HER. Find out who they are in Christ. To stay strong, to be a role model, and to become a leader. To stand out! To become purposeful and strive for independence. To let young girls know that they are not alone! To let them know that they are compatible with doing anything and everything they put their mind to no matter what they are battling or going through personally. Let them know that there will be seasons in their life when God will test their faith. Let them know that no dream is too big when they serve a God powerful, mighty, and strong! Getting out of their comfort zone this year! To set the tone of the room when they walk into the classroom. Help them become young, purposeful ladies in Christ! 

Purpose: To help young adults by having a firm foundation and being resourceful as they're on their journey to becoming the best version of themselves.

Mission: To help young adults grow internationally not only mentally, but physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually. To guide young adults as they are on they start or already on their healing journey!